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🔥"To create with a purpose impacts the world in the greatest way imaginable." JHS🔥
Entrepreneur - Influencer - Artist - Real Estate - Social Media 
Hello! Welcome to my World!     
I'm an entrepreneur with many passions but my biggest passion is helping others find motivation and guidance. 
I hope you enjoy your stay.  And if you need anything, please message me below.  Thank you!  JHS 
Michaela McClain - I Will Rise
Director:  John Henry Soto
Camera & Editor: Lisa Zalenski
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Soto in Trouble
This is how a short Puerto Rican from the South Bronx sees the world and the future.  You might be surprised but you'll always get value. Thank you!  
The John Henry Soto Blog
The written word is still powerful. I need to do more! 
"I enjoy diving into pools of positive energy then sharing it"
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